Dedicated Analytical Solutions


FREE trial of FEED calibrations
when purchasing the DS2500 F feed analyser


The following calibrations can be tried out
for a period of up to two months:



Compound Feed (poultry, pig, dairy/beef, aqua feed)


Vegetal Feed Ingredients (wheat, corn, soybean/rapeseed meal, barley, etc.)


Animal by-products (MBM, poultry, feather meal)


Fish meal


Petfood (dry dog/cat food)

To predict moisture, fat, protein, fiber, starch and ash content.


Upon purchase, the NIRS DS2500 F will be delivered with a USB containing the calibrations. All will be encrypted and protected, but they can be used during a trial period with the enclosed time limited license key.

After the trial period, the license and the products will be left to continue working or uninstalled, all depending on how the user decides to proceed.



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