Dedicated Analytical Solutions

Cases “We are calmer because we work with more precision ”

Small‐scale producers of quality wine in Burgundy have shared the investment in a Winescan™. They enjoy unlimited use of a state‐of‐the‐art wine analyser for under €1,000. a year with associated benefits including improved knowledge and decision‐making.

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Cases “Rapid analysis of payment parameters in wine with WineScan™ SO2 ”

Learn how Castilian Auricular winery use WineScan™ SO2 for daily monitoring of quality parameters in grapes to set up a fair payment system

Cases “How WineScan™ SO2 adds value at Dominio de Pingus ”

Founder Peter Sisseck explains how traditional wine making traditions are combined with the benefits of cutting edge laboratory methods.

Cases “How rapid sulphite analysis and routine testing improves sparkling wine ”

Rapid sulphite analysis and testing of other wine parameters helps Italian wine producers Val D'OCA to safeguard quality, improve economy and streamline laboratory operations.

Cases “How sulphite analysis benefits bulk wine producers ”

Bulk wine producers Vinicola San Nazaro explain how the FOSS WineScan™ SO2 for sulphite analysis and other parameters, helps to deliver a variety of wine and concentrate products according to customer specifications.

Cases “Improve operations and logistic with WineScan™ ”

“I believe WineScan™ is the right solution for a large winery like ours… Savings in reagents is a huge advantage”. Fabiola Matamala, Lab Manager, Conca Y Toro.

Cases “Controlling sweet wines with FTIR ”

Watch a video explaining how the OenoFoss analyser adds value at world-renowned wine estate Dr Loosen in the Mosel Valley. And read the full article in In Focus Magazine.

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Cases “Neil Van Kooten, owner of Integral Laboratories talks about his experience with WineScan™. ”

“The user friendliness is fantastic – it is very easy to give the wine maker that feedback and say you need to focus on these areas, on these batches” – Hear more about Integral Lab’s experience with high sample throughput and freeing up resources with the WineScan™ Auto.

Cases “Hear about Troy Kalleske’s experience with Oenofoss™ ”

"I can make a decision straight away within few minutes and not have to wait til the next day" – Troy Kalleske, owner.

Cases “Quality at the right price ”

Like most other winemakers today, Rob Lloyd of Lloyd Wine Consulting has a keen eye on efficiency in all aspects of production including quality control where a handy analysis instrument has become an indispensable item in his tool belt. Even so, he is keeping his senses sharp and will always have an ear to the barrel.

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Cases “Managing multiple small-volume vintages with Fourier Transform Infrared analysis ”

Château Fuissé is a family owned winery making quality wines according to the burgundy philosophy of respect for terroir and vinification adapted to individual parcels of land.

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Cases “Secure quality control at all stages ”

“One of the benefits with WineScan™ is the very low operating cost…the cost of chemicals is almost zero…they are extremely robust and reliable instruments” – Andy Frost, Manager Hear more about how Pernod Ricard in New Zealand uses Winescan’s to secure quality control at all stages.

Cases “You can see problems arising and take action. ”

Winemaker Richie Allen explains how even a super league winery can benefit from a handy new wine analyser taking up no more bench space than a shoebox.

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So2 completes the picture

Cases “SO2 completes the picture ”

Quality controllers at Portugal’s Adega Borba winery have always made good use of routine analysis technology in the production of their many vintages. Now the technology has been extended to include rapid tests of that all important parameter - sulphur dioxide (S02). The breakthrough in routine testing is allowing complete control of the winemaking process and a more rational use of SO2 in line with legal and consumer demands.

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Winescan Case

Cases “WineScan™ from vinyard to bottle ”

How WineScan™ is used to ensure consistent quality year in, year out.

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