Dedicated Analytical Solutions
Arla using ProcessScan for cheese


How partnership can boost the dairy supply chain

FOSS is participating in a Danish dairy conference in Billund today to explain how routine analytical solutions such as the MilkoScan FT1 and ProFoss can make a positive contribution to supply chain efficiency.

The ‘Mejerienes Leverandørdag’ (dairy suppliers day) conference aims to build closer ties between suppliers and the dairy industry with a focuses on how future products and technology can improve efficiency and competitiveness. The event includes a B2B discussion session in which FOSS regional sales manager, Claus Jes Petersen will take part.

Possible topics are the use of milk analysis at intake to make the best use of milk according to quality and screening milk for adulteration with analytical solutions such as the MilkoScan™ FT1 that provides a range of quality control tests on liquid and viscous dairy products. The test options for the MilkoScan FT1 have recently been extended with new calibration models for screening of raw milk for adulteration. These are a timely addition as fraudulent adulteration of milk supplies for financial gain continues around the world, for example, in Brazil, where major producers have been involved in costly recalls of finished dairy products due to contamination of the incoming milk.

Another topical subject in the dairy industry is the use of in-line analysers directly in the process flow for controlling a variety of dairy processes from butter to mascarpone cheese. The FOSS ProFoss in-line dairy analyser provides a regular flow of accurate analytical results from key points in the process and displays them in an intuitive graphical interface, making tighter control of the process simpler for operators.

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