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Room for routine analysis at top league winery

A handy new wine analyser taking up no more space than a shoebox is helping quality wine producers Rombauer Vineyards to reduce costs and to take more proactive control of the winemaking process.

Winemaker at the long established Napa Valley winery, Richie Allen explained how the laboratory was getting busier to the stage where they may have needed an extra person and extra facilities. The OenoFoss saved both expenses. In addition to these specific cost-savings, the OenoFoss is speeding up decision making throughout the winemaking process.

The easy to use analyser is well liked by the lab staff and is used on an everyday basis from testing must to fermentation monitoring to checking finished wine. For example, it is used to monitor alcohol and sugar levels in fermentation to supplement the decision making process. Speed is crucial in this respect. Allen said: “Everything is so fast compared to manual methods that you can see problems arising and take action.”

All finished wine analysis is also run on the OenoFoss™ with traditional analysis used only if something looks out of place. “Except for enzymatic analysis used for dryness all our laboratory analysis is now supplementing the FOSS,” said Allen.

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