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FOSS strengthens software tools for near infrared analysis field

The development of Infrasoft International (ISI) products is to be fully integrated into the FOSS software development organization by February 2010, creating a stronger platform for near infrared (NIR) software products. The ISI brand and uniqueness will be maintained as part of the FOSS product portfolio.

Working in partnership with FOSS, Infrasoft International has been at the forefront of Near Infrared spectroscopy for decades, bringing numerous chemometric innovations to the NIR field as well as being a pioneer in instrument standardization and networking. Full integration will allow FOSS to develop this leadership role to the benefit of existing and future users of NIR analysis technology. By further integrating the development and support of ISI products into the FOSS organization, FOSS reinforces its strong commitment to the NIR community.

All ISI activities will be moved from ISI in State College, PA to FOSS in Denmark and Sweden. Westerhaus will work within FOSS from State College, maintaining his expertise in chemometrics and statistical analysis in the FOSS group. ISI will continue operations throughout January, 2010 and a joint FOSS-ISI transfer team will ensure ongoing support of all ISI products during transfer.

As of February 1, 2010, the ISI products will be supported by a team of software architects and programmers in FOSS headquarters in Denmark.

Consolidating the development of software products into fewer sites with larger programming groups will enable FOSS to better meet the increasing market demands for faster and more efficient software development, while ensuring the utilization of the latest and most advanced programming tools and frameworks. Executive Vice President FOSS, Kim Vejlby Hansen said: “FOSS will continue to bring new innovations to the NIR field by further exploiting the synergies between software, optics, electronics and mechanics.”

Executive Vice President FOSS, Kim Vejlby Hansen,

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