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Statistical process control graphs give better production view

A new version of the ISIscan™ routine operation software for FOSS near infrared (NIR) instruments, ISIscan 4.0, provides a number of powerful features including statistical process control graphs.

The graphs allow a quick and easy retrospective view of results for a certain time period. For instance, a production manager starting work in the morning can get a graphical overview of measurements made during the night shift. The graphs make it easy to spot unusual results, when they occurred and where. The information allows an immediate investigation into events with a view to continuous improvement of process efficiency and quality control.

The graphs also make it simple to monitor day to day performance of production. Alarms can be set to alert production staff of trends indicating potential problems.

The system works with FOSS near infrared (NIR) laboratory or production line instruments such as the FoodScan and inline process monitoring and control solutions such as the recently released ProFoss™.

The ISIscan 4.0 release includes a raft of additional features to improve routine operation of NIR instruments.

When managing calibrations, a user can now adjust the slope and bias in the product profile instead of doing this in the prediction model profile – an option that can be of particular help to those who handle many products based on a common calibration model. An improved version of the Discriminant Analysis function makes it easier to exclude unwanted data from a calibration.

ISIscan 4.0 also includes a new calibration option for ProFoss, called ISIcal. ISIcal allows the operator to easily create or update a calibration model without having detailed knowledge about chemometrics.

Full list of new features

  • Support for the ProFoss™ instrument
  • Improved flexibility in product profile configuration
  • Option to use slope / intercept correction at the product level
  • Improved Discriminant Analysis
  • New ISIcal calibration tool for the ProFoss™ Instrument
  • Identification and Qualification
  • New statistical process control graph with improved functionality

Contact: Product manager, Anders Myhre,

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