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OenoFoss update makes it easier for winemakers to obtain healthy fermentations

Popular OenoFoss concept strengthened with new measurement parameter

The must calibration package for the OenoFoss wine analyser has been extended with Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen.

The additional parameter strengthens the already popular OenoFoss concept that was introduced to the wine industry in 2008. OenoFoss is a handy and simple-to-use analytical instrument measuring all essential parameters such as Glucose/Fructose, EtOH, pH, Total acid, Malic acid and Volatile acid in wine production. The parameters can be measured throughout the whole process, from must to fermenting must and to finished wine.

It is important to monitor Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen for obtaining healthy fermentations and avoiding stuck fermentations.

The provision of the new parameter fits well with the views expressed by winemakers in a FOSS wine benchmark study which involved responses from hundreds of winemakers from Europe and the USA. Nearly 50% of respondents indicated that Yeast Assimiliable Nitrogen is an increasingly important analysis parameter.

Please contact your local Foss office for further information.

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