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Worldwide analysis web improves food and feed quality around the globe

Advances in network software are ensuring consistent measurements from routine analytical instruments wherever they are located.

The instruments, which are used to improve the quality of agricultural and food products around the world, can now be managed and monitored by expert staff from strategically placed control centres. Whether an instrument is used for analysing feed in Indonesia or for checking grape quality for winemaking in the U.S.A., it can now be effectively managed by highly qualified staff based at the central control centres.

FOSS manages more that 600 instruments around the globe. In addition, major food and feed producers are using the software to create their own analysis networks. Thousands of FOSS instruments in use in over 30 countries are included in networks.

Harmonised control for consistent products

The networks can include many types of instruments based on infrared technology. These are increasingly popular as a rapid and relatively simple way to grade and/or check raw materials and products in production. Infrared analytical instruments are used to control a vast range of products such as cereals, flour, animal feed, wine, meat, milk and dairy products, to name just a few.

As trade and production of such products becomes increasingly global, consistent quality control across geographical locations helps to build consistent quality while yielding cost savings for producers, for example, through more efficient production of products with less waste and according to predefined targets.

Routine quality control with peace of mind

Infrared instruments need to be monitored for accuracy and require periodic maintenance and updates, for example if a new calibration becomes available for the instrument or raw material changes during the season. Using networking solutions such as the FOSS Mosaic and RINA software, organisations can manage and monitor populations of instruments scattered across large geographical areas. This avoids any local concerns about adjustments, diagnostics and calibrations. The routine operator can get on with running the instrument without having to think about maintenance or instrument performance and whether the measurement data can be trusted.

Product Manager, Anders Myhre said: “Networking with Mosaic and RINA provides peace of mind for instrument users as they team up with our experts to ensure optimal performance and full value from their instruments. Now anyone can do accurate analysis without having to be an expert on the subject.”

Software support

Additional software for developing calibrations can be used in combination with the networking software. The range of FOSS software includes:

  • RINA and Mosaic for instrument networking
  • ISIscan for routine operations of FOSS near infrared (NIR) instruments
  • WinISI for advanced calibration development

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