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Better bacon with MeatMaster

New software for the FOSS MeatMaster™ in-line fat analyser now allows it to determine the use of cuts of meat according to size and shape as well as fat content. For instance, pork belly cuts can be scanned and sorted for optimal bacon production.

The arriving pork belly pieces are placed on the MeatMaster belt and scanned using X-ray technology. Information about fat content, weight, length, width and thickness is displayed on the instrument screen along with a picture of the pork belly shape. The meat is also scanned for foreign objects.

The information can be used to sort the cuts of meat. This can be done by an automatic sorting system which routes the cut of meat for appropriate processing. The MeatMaster allows the user to set a range of criteria for the scanning, for instance, fat content under 22%, thickness less than 3 cm and width under 18cm.

The MeatMaster can scan up to 1,500 pork belly pieces an hour. Advantages include objective grading, improved curing process due to optimal use of raw material and improved consistency of finished products.

Other uses of the new software for MeatMaster include the grading of pork legs for production of dry ham products.

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Contact: Market manager, Poul Erik Simonsen ( +45 4820 8699

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