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Ongoing partnership with Chile's largest milk testing laboratory

The South American agricultural cooperative, Cooprinsem, has recently opened extensive new laboratory facilities in Osorno, Southern Chile. As long-standing partners in the business of agricultural testing, FOSS was invited to attend the inauguration.

The Cooprinsem Milk Quality Laboratory is home to Chile’s largest milk testing facility. It has been providing testing services for 35 years and today processes 1.7 million samples a year, including 70% of the country’s payment samples. It was the first laboratory of its kind in Chile to receive ISO 17025 certification and has been ISO certified since 1997.

The laboratory uses a range of analytical equipment such as CombiFoss™ and BactoScan™ solutions acquired over decades of collaboration with FOSS. The laboratory has always used FOSS instruments for milk testing, the first of which were two FOSS Milko Tester MKIII instruments installed in 1975.

Chile has enjoyed growth in the dairy and agricultural industries in recent years and the new laboratory will support even more development. Raúl Rodriguez, General Manager of FOSS in Argentina and Chile said: “Partnership and collaboration are essential for improving quality and output in food and agriculture. We are delighted to provide continued support to the endeavours of the Cooprinsem cooperative.”

María Elena Monsalve, Laboratory Manager at Cooprinsem said: “The dairy industry is constantly challenged by an increasingly demanding market with respect to food quality. For effective control of fresh milk as a raw material it is very important to have a state-of-the-art laboratory with technologies that allow precision and accuracy within a certified quality. In this way, we can provide reliable results for both the dairy producer and the dairy industry.”

More information about FOSS in Argentina and Chile:

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