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Easy fat analysis to help meat producers improve product quality and profit

FOSS announces the MeatScan™ analyser, a compact and robust near infrared (NIR) analyser extending the proven benefits of routine fat analysis to small-volume production.

The MeatScan helps users to cut costs through rapid analysis of fat in incoming raw material. With accurate information available anytime, the meat producer can formulate recipes more precisely and avoid overuse of expensive lean meat. Measurements take one to two minutes and can be repeated at no cost.

The availability of regular analysis data also ensures that end products match specifications consistently, avoiding any nasty surprises and improving customer relations. An additional advantage is that regular testing of incoming raw material keeps suppliers on their toes leading to a reliable, high quality intake.

Alternative to chemical analysis

Routine analysis of meat in production with NIR analytical instruments is common in large to mid-size operations as a fast and cost-effective alternative to traditional chemical analysis.

Now, the low entry cost and simplicity of the MeatScan extends benefits of at-line control of fat to meat producers with smaller production volumes. Instead of waiting for occasional analysis results from an external laboratory or relying on judgement and instinct, any meat producer can now do reliable analysis whenever they like. Measurements are based on a database of over 20,000 reference meat samples accumulated by FOSS through decades of experience in supplying routine analysis solutions to the meat industry.

Analysis in production

The analysis operation is easy for anyone working in production to do. No chemicals are involved. The compact and robust analyser about the size of a small suitcase can be placed close to the production line.  The instrument is supported by FOSS remote instrument surveillance by FOSS experts avoiding any concerns about maintenance and calibration.

Meat industry manager, Poul Erik Simonsen said: “The new MeatScan is easy, flexible and cost effective for any meat producer – routine fat analysis is now an obvious choice as a way of reducing costs and improving consistency of end products.”

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