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Efficient nutrient management using NIR for the recirculation of liquid farm fertiliser

Each year in the EU, several millions of tonnes of liquid manure from animal husbandry are used to fertilise grassland and cropland. In Germany alone, around 200 Million tonnes are added to meadows and fields each year. On one hand, this ensures that plants are provided with sufficient nutrients, but on the other, environmental problems may develop if the fertilisation is not correctly executed.

The paper outlines how a new method based on near infrared analysis can be used for rapid and convenient analysis of liquid manure, from handling the sample to the analysis of the relevant nutrients.

Fertilisation plans for liquid manure can be more effectively adapted to meet demand, nutrient losses can be avoided and increasingly important measures can be reviewed to improve the quality of the liquid manure.

A summarised version is available in In Focus no. 1 2010 (including language versions). Find it here.

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