Dedicated Analytical Solutions


Extended applications for ProFoss to improve yield in dairy production

FOSS announces three new applications for the ProFoss™ near infrared (NIR) process analysis system:

  • ProFoss for Fresh Cheese (Quark and Cream Cheese)
  • ProFoss for Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC/MPC)
  • ProFoss for Mozzarella

The ProFoss™ allows food and feed producers to gain tighter and more profitable control of products in production. Applications already available include monitoring and control of flour, ground meat, ricotta cheese, dairy powder and feed products.

The ProFoss system allows better production decisions by giving a clear picture of what is happening in the process at any one time. For instance, users can control the use of valuable food components more closely. Quality can also be improved by reducing product variations.

Quick to install, the system provides an easy way to improve production processes. Robustness and low maintenance ensures uninterrupted rewards from improved control.

Factory standardised High Resolution analyser

Key to the unique performance of the ProFoss system is High Resolution diode array technology that gives a regular and reliable snapshot of products in the process.

The analyser is housed in a robust cabinet, mounted at the relevant location in production where it feeds back measurements to a computer display. An intuitive user interface allows anyone in production to monitor levels for key measurement parameters, allowing timely adjustments to control mechanisms. Measurement results are in line with the accuracy of traditional laboratory reference analysis.

All analysers are factory standardised allowing producers to install several units safe in the knowledge that each will deliver the same results. High stability ensures that the results do not drift over time. Instrument standardisation and stability promotes fast and easy calibration development as well as trouble free calibration transfer across analyser units. A broad selection of dedicated sample interfaces is available to suit diverse applications and sample types such as liquids, powders and granules.

Keeping the earnings flowing

A robust and low maintenance solution, the ProFoss system offers high uptime. Built-in back-up systems ensure minimal impact on production flow. The option of remote instrument surveillance over the internet by FOSS experts is a part of the system package. Calibration and software updates can also be performed via the internet. Full technical support and preventative maintenance options are available.

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