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ProFoss™ Gives Premium Quality

A new ProFoss process control system is helping Spanish premium flour suppliers Emilio Esteban to take quality control to new levels while gaining more vision and insight into the milling process.

Mounted directly in production at the final steps in the milling process, the ProFoss monitors the flour as it flows through pipes at up to 25 metres a second. An infrared analyser automatically monitors moisture, protein and ash every few seconds and the regular results are fed back to a computer in the mill control room where they are displayed in a graphical form.

The new system does exactly the same job as the previous analysis instrument in the laboratory (Infratec 1241), but now measurements made several times a minute instead of every few hours. It is this frequency that helps to keep production right on target and reduces the risk of variations in content of products when a new batch is started. This is vital to fulfil the company business strategy based on delivering reliable high quality to discerning customers, including, amongst others, producers of baby food.

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