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Revolution in sulphur dioxide testing unveiled at ViniTech

Early snow threatened disruption, but failed to prevent over 40,492 visitors attending this year’s ViniTech-SIFEL 2010 show in Bordeaux.

Among the many innovations on show, a new solution for testing sulphur dioxide created quite a stir at the FOSS stand. Due to go on sale in 2011, the new solution will be available in the form of a new WineScan™ model that provides accurate measurements of free and total sulphur dioxide in parallel with other parameters in just over a minute.

FOSS wine segment manager Morten A Olander said: “We have been talking to our customers and industry partners about the need for an all-in-one solution for quite some time. We are confident that we have found the next logical step in winemaking analysis and this was confirmed by the considerable interest shown at ViniTech.”

The results for free and total sulphur dioxide content are delivered to a computer screen alongside the many other (over 20) quality parameters provided by the WineScan analyser. This provides a convenient on-screen comparison against other parameters such as pH, volatile acid and ethanol of potential interest in combination with sulphur dioxide.

Sulphur dioxide is the most commonly measured parameter in winemaking. Regular testing is necessary to achieve optimal dosage in the winemaking process and to comply with regulations. Measurements are also increasingly important for winemakers seeking to minimise usage of the preservative in modern wine production.

Time-to-result of just over a minute compares favourably with around 15 minutes per test with existing routine methods or much longer for laboratory reference methods. The system is also considerably more convenient, reducing manual work and associated risks of operator error.

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