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Perfect fit for production line fat analysis

Professional support made the installation straightforward and the benefits soon began to roll in, including reduced customer claims, product competitiveness, increased capacity and three digit savings in raw material every day.

Fat adjustment on the fly

Before, pre-classified lots of trimmings were mixed according to recipes. This mix was then sampled and adjusted as necessary.

Now, with the MeatMaster, the material is just loaded straight into the process and the fat content is constantly measured in-line. Production workers monitor results using the intuitive flat screen display on the instrument and if the fat content starts getting too high or low in relation to the pre-defined recipe, it is adjusted by selecting an appropriate lot of pre-classified trimmings.

Plant manager, Tobias Flerlage explained the advantages that this brings. “At the same time as meat gets transported to the dicer, we get the information about fat content and weight which allows us to control the fat content on-the-fly,” he said.

Total quality

The continuous measurements improve the entire batch performance because targets can be matched more closely, thereby saving lean meat. At the same time, manual work associated with controlling fat content is avoided. “The MeatMaster fits perfectly into or total quality concept, it is reliable and savings have already justified the investment,” said Flerlage.

Böseler Goldschmaus is a well established meat supplier based on known, regulated sources from Northern Europe. An integrated approach to quality control starts with a close cooperation with farmers supplying a high quality livestock through to implementing the latest technology and knowledge regarding slaughtering, deboning and processing and to shipping of products to customers for further processing.

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