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Grain Conference


Conference targets grain security

The International Grains Council held its 32nd session in Perth, West Australia, December 7-9, 2010 on the theme of ‘Grain Supplies and Global Food Security’.

Speakers from the grain industry, governments and researchers addressed the common global challenge to not only produce enough food to feed a growing population, but also to store, handle and distribute food in the most efficient way.

FOSS was a proud participant and presented new grain analysis technology as part of the field tour programme.

Paul Slupecki, General Manager FOSS Pacific said: “Participating in a conference like this, it is clear what great opportunities FOSS has to offer the grain industry. FOSS has a range of easy-to-use analytical solution which can optimise the value of grain and make sure value doesn’t get wasted. And on top of that we can offer the fundamental networking tools for global organisations to share information transparently and safeguarding instrument performance.”

Trends in grain trade

Among the developments highlighted at the conference was significant investment in the grain value chain, primarily in Australia, Black Sea region and North and South America. This is occurring in spite of recent extreme weather conditions. Only 35 million tons of rice is actually traded yearly while the total world production is at 450 million tons/year. The traded volume is slowly increasing every year. New grain varieties are offering traits of weather resistance, increased yields and health benefits. High amylase wheat and barley is one example. In 2006, the Food and Agricultural Organisation price index for wheat was at 121. In 2007, it was 167. And in 2008 it had risen to 238.

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