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New leader of elite chemometrics team

Lars Nørgard, PhD has been appointed as senior manager of chemometrics at FOSS.

Nørgard comes from a position as head of Department of Food Science at the University of Copenhagen. He has been active in the field of chemometrics for many years and has undertaken extensive research in the application areas of food science, medical and pharmaceutical research, process analysis and analytical chemistry.

The appointment strengthens an already highly talented team of 18 specialists in the field, many of whom hold a PhD and collectively possess vast experience within chemometrics. “It was an opportunity I could not say no to,” said Nørgard.

Chemometrics involves the use of mathematical methods for extracting data from analytical techniques such as infrared spectroscopy. It represents a continuously expanding frontier within routine analysis with many opportunities remaining to explore the wealth of data provided by analytical instruments.

Detectives at work

Among the areas that Nørgard will explore is the possibility of making better use of certain infrared wavelengths in the range of 800-2.500 nanometer. “We will look more closely at what is normally considered as the spectroscopic waste bin,” he said. “With near infrared we work like detectives and when we discover something it gives better information and new possibilities for existing analytical solutions.”

For FOSS, chemometrics ensures a high performance of analytical solutions, for example that individual instruments are standardised to measure the same, that calibration is straightforward and that the instruments are easy to use. “Chemometrics is a key competitive differentiator for us,” said Kim Vejby Hansen, executive vice president, Innovation & Quality at FOSS.

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