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Growing focus on dietary fibre and analysis methods

FOSS will host a webinar on 28th April on developments in analysis methods for dietary fibre. More details here.

Dietary fibre is of growing interest in preventing obesity, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancer.  

For more than 30 years FOSS has supplied a solution for the determination of dietary fibre, the Fibertec E, following the AOAC methods 985.29 and 991.43.

In recent years, the demands on the analytical method for the determination of dietary fibres have increased, especially with respect to resistant starch and low molecular weight carbohydrates. Recently an integrated method, AOAC 2009.01, that is compatible with the latest Codex definition of dietary fibre has been published.

Starting with the Codex definition of dietary fibres, the Webinar will give an overview of different methods and strategies for the determination of dietary fibre.

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