Dedicated Analytical Solutions
MilkoScan FT1


Extended measurement options for new MilkoScan FT1

A number of new measurement options are now available for the recently released MilkoScan™ FT1 analyser.


In addition to the supplied calibrations for milk cream and whey , optional calibrations are available for fortified milk and whey, yoghurt and fermented products and desserts and ice cream. See more details on the MilkoScan FT1 product page here.


All calibrations are based on the extensive FOSS FTIR database built-up over more than 15 years of collaboration with the dairy industry. Users wishing to develop their own calibrations for new dairy products can take advantage of software that facilitates the calibration development process.


Integrated abnormality screening


Released in June 2011, the new MilkoScan FT1 is built on the well proven analytical technology behind the world's most widely used milk analyser, the MilkoScan FT120. It offers a dedicated solution ideal for testing liquid dairy products in a competitively priced package.


As well as providing tests for liquid dairy products, the MilkoScan can also screen for abnormalities at the same time. The integrated screening is provided in the form of the FOSS abnormality screening module (ASM) that is used with other FOSS solutions such as the top of the range MilkoScan FT+ analyser used by central milk testing laboratories around the world.



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