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X-ray fat analysis for efficient drying of hams

A new option for the MeatMaster in-line meat analyser is helping producers of dried hams to optimise the expensive and lengthy curing process.

Using X-ray technology, the MeatMaster sees through the joint and measures the fat content of the meat while ignoring the bone.

The information provided includes the external fat layer and marbling in the meat, both of which are of great interest for the curing process. For instance, it could be that a joint has a thick fat layer but little marbling inside. In this case, the curing process can be adjusted to avoid the ham drying out too quickly which can spoil the look of the meat.

As an objective analysis method, the MeatMaster captures all the inevitable irregularities in the way fat on joints is trimmed and avoids potential human error in assessing fat content. Measuring up to 1.100 joints per hour, it offers a rapid alternative to sorting by human eye.

Together with a weight measurement, the sophisticated fat analysis allows effective selection of hams for improved processes and yield. The new method can significantly reduce the number of defective products found at the end of the long curing process which can take up to 36 months.

FOSS can assist all MeatMaster users to take advantage of the new feature via their instrument software.

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