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In-line NIR analysis for agile flour production

A new process monitoring and control system called ProFoss is helping food producers to stay light on their feet in meeting growing demands for multiple specialist products.

One such producer is Panificadora Conquense S.A. in Spain where the new, easy-to-install system is helping to produce a broad product range including 20 types of flour for churros, cookies, pastries, bread and specialist needs.

The ProFoss takes measurements on flour directly in the process every few seconds. “It helps us especially in the issue of traceability and in ensuring that our flours are even more regular,” says President of Panificadora Conquense, Mr. Félix Honrubia. “We can view the small variations and correct them in real time.”

The approach helps to switch between batches with complete peace of mind that quality will always be consistent. “We are very satisfied with the benefits of homogeneity of the samples that we see now.” says Honrubia. “We take measurements in the first 1,000 kilos of each batch, to verify and confirm that we are doing well.”

The system measures a range of parameters that each help to check the quality of finished products. For instance, close monitoring of moisture is vital. Special types of flour can have a moisture content of 11% to 12% while standard flour may have up to 15%. “Monitoring these values constantly means so much to our quality system,” says Honrubia.

Read more about the application in the next edition of the FOSS In Focus magazine, or read more about ProFoss for milling here.

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