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ProFoss for Fresh Cheese


In line analysis saves money and resources in the soya milling process

FOSS announces ProFoss for Soya - a process analysis and control solution that provides continuous measurements of moisture, protein and oil content in soya meal directly from the production process.

Providing continuous and accurate results for the finished meal, the ProFoss allows millers to improve efficiency at a number of key points in the production process while also improving quality and profit.

Protein, moisture and oil content show significant savings

The ProFoss system helps producers to hit targets more consistently. By moving protein closer to target by just 0.5%, soya millers can save US $150,000 per year (based on an annual production of 100,000 tons and a soymeal price of US $340/Ton). They can also have full confidence in the low, medium and high protein content specifications on their deliveries.

Similarly, the continuous measurements of moisture content can save US $150,000 per year by helping millers to move moisture closer to target by 0.5%. The accuracy of ProFoss allows this to be done with confidence in relation to the required moisture content of 12.5% or less to avoid fungal problems in storage and transportation.


Savings can also be made by improving yield through measurements of oil content to ensure the best possible balance between oil content in the meal and the amount of premium oil extracted for human consumption.


In-line near infrared measures it all


The ProFoss system is based on near infrared analysis – a technology that is already widely used for periodic testing of soymeal. The ProFoss takes the concept a logical step further by measuring the meal directly in the process.  A specially designed sample interface intercepts the meal as it falls into a hopper at the end of the process and feeds a continuous stream of analysis data back to a computer in your control room.


Factory standardised high resolution analyser

Key to the unique performance of the ProFoss system is High Resolution diode array technology that gives a regular and reliable snapshot of products in the process.

The analyser is housed in a robust cabinet, mounted at the relevant location in production. An intuitive user interface allows anyone to monitor levels for key measurement parameters, such as protein and moisture allowing timely adjustments to control mechanisms. Measurement results are in line with the accuracy of traditional laboratory reference analysis.

All ProFoss analysers are factory standardised allowing producers to install several units safe in the knowledge that each will deliver the same results. High stability ensures that the results do not drift over time. Instrument standardisation and stability promotes fast and easy calibration development as well as trouble free calibration transfer across analyser units.

The ProFoss system is used for a variety of process control applications within food and agriculture industries and a broad selection of dedicated sample interfaces is available to suit diverse sample types such as liquids, powders and granules.

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