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FOSS wine analyser receives prestigious awards at SIMEI and SITEVI international wine events

FOSS has received two innovation awards for the recently-released WineScan SO2 analyser.

It was awarded first prize in the innovation category at the SIMEI-ENOVITIS wine event on 22nd November in Milan and has received a citation at SITEVI in Montpellier on 30th November.


The new WineScan helps to minimise the use of sulphur dioxide in winemaking where it is important for controlling grape quality and stabilizing wine, but also carries the risk of negative effects including an allergic reaction in some wine drinkers.


The SIMEI-ENOVITIS selection committee stated: “ This innovation offers new and interesting perspectives for the improvement of wine quality, especially in the current situation of public awareness of ethical and health problems connected with the use of sulphur dioxide in enology.”


Sulphur dioxide is the most measured parameter in winemaking. Using innovative analytical technology, the new analyser improves dramatically on existing methods for measuring sulphur dioxide.


It does this by offering a much faster and convenient way to track exact amounts in wine, helping to keep doses of the chemical to a minimum. Sulphur dioxide is measured simultaneously with multiple quality parameters making the WineScan a complete wine analysis solution providing rapid routine analysis of all main wine measurement parameters in one box.


Read more about the new WineScan solution in the latest edition of In Focus.

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