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oenofoss wine analyser


Winemakers discover the value of rapid analysis

The ability to test grape must and wine in a few seconds is making decision making easier for winemakers around the world.


Launched in 2009, the OenoFoss analyser provides analysis data for key quality control parameters in a few seconds and from just a few drops of a sample.


Over 300 units are now in use in all major wine regions and users report a number of advantages over traditional analytical methods. Juan Ignacio Gomez, Laboratory Manager, Bodega del Fin del Mundo, Argentina said: “Since we have OenoFoss in our laboratory, we have increased routine control frequency and can detect any deviation arising in the quality of our wines so reducing our costs and without using many reagents and glassware.”


The availability of rapid, yet reliable analysis data is proving particularly useful.   “I can make a decision straight away within few minutes and not have to wait until the next day, " said Troy Kalleske, Kelleske Wines, Barossa, Australia.


More comments from winemakers and case stories about the use of analysis can be found on the FOSS website here .

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