Dedicated Analytical Solutions
MilkoScan FT1


New MilkoScan analyser offers milk standardisation with built-in food safety screening

FOSS announces the MilkoScanTM FT1, a new dedicated analytical solution that allows dairy producers to make the best possible use of liquid milk intake and to screen for abnormalities at the same time.


The MilkoScan FT1 builds on the well proven technology behind the world's most widely used Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) milk analyser, the MilkoScan FT120. A new intuitive software interface makes it easy to perform the fast and accurate milk analysis required for effective milk standardisation. And integrated food safety screening is provided in the form of the FOSS abnormality screening module (ASM) available with other FOSS solutions such as the MilkoScan FT+ analyser used by central milk testing laboratories around the world.


Small adjustments with a big effect


The concept of standardising milk at intake is increasingly popular as a means to improving economy in dairy production. Producers can make savings by standardardising raw material according to a range of key parameters such as protein, fat and many more, for example, a dairy plant producing 300,000 litres of milk per day can use the accuracy of the MilkoScan to carefully monitor the nature and characteristics of milk in silos with typical savings of around 0.014% fat per processed litre of milk. Over the course of a year, this seemingly small saving mounts up to around US $ 60,000.


Screening for abnormalities


Raw milk containing abnormalities is a growing problem. The abnormalities can be caused by deliberate adulteration, for example, with lard or melamine or by accidents, for example, if cleaning agents are mixed with the milk unintentionally.


The ability to program analysers used in routine testing operations allows users to adopt a screening approach to incoming raw milk samples. The programmed analyser does not identify specific contaminants, but helps to identify a suspect raw milk sample quickly and as a normal part of everyday testing. The suspect sample can then be sidelined for further tests.


Building on the best


The MilkoScan FT1 provides rock solid functionality built on the well-proven MilkoScan FT120. It is supplied with a robust calibration based on huge sample database. Features include a cleaning and flow system that avoids risk of sample carry over and intuitive software for ease of use by anyone working in the plant.


FOSS has supported adulteration testing for a number of years through software functionality for MilkoScan™ analysers using analytical FTIR technology.


FOSS dairy Market Manager Dorthe Bisgard Oldrup said: "This new solution offers dairy producers a timely opportunity to save money in production by making optimal use of their liquid milk intake while simultaneously securing safety in the supply chain."


As a dedicated solution for liquid milk testing, the MilkoScan FT1 complements the highly versatile MilkoScan FT2 that can test a range of both liquid and viscous products such as yoghurt without the need for sample preparation.

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