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Infratec 1241 Grain analyser


Korea invests in 60 FOSS instruments for rice labelling control

Infratec™ 1241 grain analyser chosen for superior near infrared performance

The Korean National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service (NAQS) has purchased 60 units of the FOSS Infratec 1241 grain analyser in preparation for new rice labelling regulations due to take effect in January 2012.


The instruments will be used to check that the protein content of rice complies with the figures stated on labels and were selected for the task through public tender. The Infratec instrument was chosen against a number of competitor near infrared (NIR) analytical instruments due to its superior accuracy, repeatability and networking capability.

Morten Logager, FOSS Business manager for Asia said: “We are delighted to support initiatives to improve labelling and are sure that the proven stability of the Infratec is right for the job. This means that all units will measure with the same high accuracy across all locations. It is also quick and easy to use and the instruments can be networked for efficient calibration management and updates.”

Infratec 1241 Grain Analyser

The Infratec 1241 is a dedicated whole grain analyser using near infared technology to analyse a variety of pa­rameters such as moisture, protein and fat in a wide range of commodities. It can be used as a stand-alone or as a networked unit via MOSAIC software.

Launched over 20 years ago the Infratec™ has been constantly developed in line with developments in analytical technology. It is officially approved and established world­wide as a standard for testing wheat, barley and other grains and oilseeds. Ready-to-use calibrations for Infratec are in use in all major grain producing countries. FOSS is a pioneer in the development of near infrared analytical technologies.

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