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Meat analysis


Producers find more profit in fat

New analysis technology is helping the meat industry to be more competitive while ensuring consistency in finished products.

Among the many parameters that can be tested, fat content is perhaps the most important parameter for both quality and profit. Increasing the fat level in the final meat product by 0,5% can lead to increased earnings of € 35.000 per year with a five ton per day production or € 70.000 per year with a ten ton per day production. In addition, more consistent fat content in final products improves customer relations and brand recognition.

Providing a rapid alternative to slower chemical analysis in the laboratory and a more accurate alternative to assessment by human eye, FOSS provides a number of rapid analytical solutions for meat producers to get their fat/lean mix just right.

Labelling with three and five star fat content

The analytical results are so accurate that one user of FOSS technology has begun using three and five star labels on their ground meat products to indicate fat content.

A major Australian supermarket chain selling over 1.5 million packets of ground meat per week is using FOSS X-ray analysis technology to guarantee the stated fat content – five star for packs with 5% fat and three star for 17% fat.

Ground meat is usually made from meat trimmed from different cuts of meat, so that the fat content of the raw material can vary widely.  The MeatMaster analyses entire batches of meat directly in production. Meat is transported on a conveyor through the machine and the X-ray analysis takes place within a closed cabinet.  

For large and small producers

With a capacity of up to 22 tons per hour, the MeatMaster is for larger producers, but smaller players can also benefit from fat analysis with instruments designed for use by the side of the production line.

The  MeatScan™ analyser is a compact and robust near infrared (NIR) analyser extending the proven benefits of routine fat analysis to small-volume production. Instead of waiting for occasional analysis results from an external laboratory or relying on judgement and instinct, any meat producer can now do reliable analysis whenever they like. 

The analysis operation is easy for anyone working in production to do. No chemicals are involved. The compact and robust analyser about the size of a small suitcase can be placed close to the production line.

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