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Video explains infrared analysis options for dairy producers

FOSS has produced a video that explores various aspects of Infrared analysis technology - a rapidly developing technology area that is increasingly important for dairy producers in optimising yield and quality.

A growing number of analytical technology options are becoming available which presents users with both opportunity and some important choices. Called ‘Directions in dairy analysis’, the video includes interviews with experts from FOSS who explain the technology and the considerations to be made when selecting an infrared analytical instrument.

Topics covered are Fourier Transform infrared (FTIR), near infrared (NIR) transmission, NIR reflectance and other technologies such as Fourier Transform near infrared (FT NIR). The nine minute video has been produced as part of FOSS’s participation at the IDF World Dairy Summit, October 15-19th in Parma; Italy. Focussing on sustainable food security, the summit will explore how science and technology can contribute to environmentally sustainable and socially responsible dairy production.

FOSS will also contribute poster presentations on: "Practical use of targeted and untargeted mid-infrared based chemometric models for adulteration screening" and "Predicting coagulation properties of milk with seasonal variations by mid-infrared spectroscopy".

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