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X-ray technology reveals the true fat content of ground meat

A major Australian supermarket chain selling over 1.5 million packets of ground meat per week is using FOSS X-ray analysis technology to guarantee the stated fat content.

As reported on the Australian ‘today tonight’ current affairs tv programme on 13th April, Coles Supermarkets is using a FOSS MeatMaster X-ray analyser at one of their meat processing plants. Coles general manager for meat, Alastair Watson said: “It guarantees the lean content of the meat as it goes through the process.”

The measurements with the MeatMaster analyser are so accurate that it has allowed Coles to introduce a five star and three star rating for the ground meat – five for packs with 5% fat and three for 17% fat.  

Ground meat is usually made from meat trimmed from different cuts of meat, so that the fat content of the raw material can vary widely.  The MeatMaster analyses entire batches of meat directly in production. Meat is transported on a conveyor through the machine and the X-ray analysis takes place within a closed cabinet.

MeatMaster™ uses two individual X-ray sources for superior accuracy. This dual source system avoids the ‘noise’ problem that often negatively affects single X-ray source systems.

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