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Massive investments in innovation

The focus of FOSS is heavily planted in innovation and growth. By investing 200 mio. DKK in a new Innovation Centre in Denmark and maintaining an annual investment of about 10-12 percent of turnover in new product development FOSS is strengthening its global innovative activities as well as its position in the world market.

FOSS is investing heavily in innovation now and in upcoming years. A large part of the investment is the actual construction of a FOSS Innovation Centre in Hillerød, Denmark. The Centre is an investment of 200 mio. DKK and it will, along with yearly investments of 10-12 percent of turnover, contribute to the solid foundation for growth which is expected to bring a turnover of 2 bill. DKK in 2015.

- There are two corner stones in our growth strategy, says Torben Ladegaard CEO of FOSS. These are new innovative products and investments in new markets in particular the so called BRIC countries. The new FOSS Innovation Centre is therefore a key investment in order for us to fulfill our long term strategy of growth. The new Centre will form an inspiring and creative environment and will put us in a position to create quantum leaps in product development.

Global innovative network
FOSS’ development activities are carried out through a global network of more than 200 researchers and developers distributed in Denmark, Sweden, Russia and China and are centrally controlled from Head Quarters in Denmark. An essential factor for actually achieving the high set goals for the company’s innovative activities is competent and innovative employees who can think in new avenues and in new products.

- We are really looking forward to the new facilities at the FOSS Innovation Centre which will provide the best physical environment to enhance our innovative thinking as well as strengthen our global innovative network. With such an innovative platform we will continue to develop unique analytical and dedicated solutions to our customers in the global food industry and maintain our leading position in the world market, Torben Ladegaard points out.

The new FOSS Innovation Centre, which will also be the new FOSS Head Quarters, will be located a couple of kilometers from the current location. The construction of the Centre is symbolically commenced on Thursday May 19th 2011 by the Danish Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, who “turns the first sod”. Turning the first sod is a Danish tradition and it symbolizes that the actual construction process of the building can commence.

The FOSS Innovation Centre is expected to be completed by December 2012.


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