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Olivia analyser


Olive millers to gain more value from production with new infrared analyser

FOSS announces Olivia™, an affordable and simple-to-use analyser for testing olive paste and pomace that is now released for sale in Spain and Italy.

T he instrument ensures fair payment to growers delivering loads of olives to crushing mills and provides valuable information for millers during oil production. It is designed for use either in the laboratory or at milling sites.


Measurements for fat and moisture content of olives take one minute and a print out of measurements can be given to growers as documented quality of their olives before they leave the mill. In the oil production process, Olivia gives valuable information about fat and moisture in the olive pomace. This helps millers to control the production more closely and allows them to build consistency around their targets without wasting any valuable oil.

Designed with small to mid-size producers in mind

The new instrument offers a viable option for olive oil producers because it reduces costs associated with external testing and provides a rapid return of the investment in terms of efficiency and output at different stages of production.


No chemicals are involved and there is no waste with samples simply returned to the process after analysis. The analyser unit includes an in-built PC with simple touch-screen operation that allows anyone to make a valid measurement.


Routine measurements are simple to perform. The prepared sample is put in the sample cup up and placed it in the instrument.

Reliable measurements

Olivia is ready to use with an accurate and well-proven ANN calibration for fat and moisture in olive paste and pomace that has been developed in close cooperation with industry partners including recognised quality control authorities. The calibration supplied with the instrument is based on a comprehensive database of reference samples and covers a wide range of olive varieties and harvest environments.


Olivia employs the latest high resolution near infrared DDA transmission technology that can accommodate the effect of the uneven oil distribution in the sample.


A performance check cell makes it simple to monitor instrument performance anytime. Users can also choose to connect the instrument to the internet so that it can be monitored and updated by an expert via the FOSS Mosaic internet networking software.

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