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All in one WineScan to revolutionise testing of sulphur dioxide

FOSS announces the WineScan™ SO2 - a new model of the popular WineScan analyser providing accurate measurements of free and total sulphur dioxide in parallel with other parameters.


Sulphur dioxide is the most commonly measured parameter in winemaking. Regular testing is necessary to achieve optimal dosage in the winemaking process and to comply with regulations. Measurements are increasingly important for winemakers seeking to minimise usage of the preservative in modern wine production.

A time-to-result of just over a minute with the new WineScan compares favourably with around 15 minutes per test with existing routine methods or much longer for laboratory reference methods. The system is also considerably more convenient, reducing manual work and associated risks of operator error.

Integrated with other routine analysis operations

Results for free and total sulphur dioxide content are delivered to a computer screen alongside the many other (over 20) quality parameters provided by the WineScan analyser. This provides a convenient on-screen comparison against other parameters such as pH and ethanol of potential interest in combination with sulphur dioxide.

The ability to measure sulphur dioxide is provided as an option for the new WineScan making it a complete wine analysis solution providing rapid routine analysis of all main wine measurement parameters in one box. Local support and service options are available.

FOSS wine solution manager, Morten Olander said: “Winemakers have been asking for an integrated sulphur dioxide measurement option ever since the WineScan was introduced over ten years ago. We are now delighted to provide this new module as the next logical step in winemaking analysis.”

Smart application of analysis technology

The WineScan measures multiple parameters of wine and must using Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) technology to scan a liquid sample. This same FTIR technique is used to measure sulphur dioxide levels by simultaneously scanning both the liquid wine sample and gas evaporated from it. The information gained from both liquid and gas provides the basis for an accurate measurement.

All results are automatically stored for traceability with WineScan software facilities.

From WineScan to integrated sulphur dioxide testing

The breakthrough in sulphur dioxide testing marks a new milestone for FOSS technology. For decades, FOSS has worked closely with the food and agriculture industry to improve production through the application of powerful analytical technologies such as FTIR – a technology that is ideal for rapid, multi-parameter analysis of liquid samples.

Expertise in applying FTIR technology provided a perfect platform for supporting the wine industry leading to the introduction of the WineScan analyser for routine multi-parameter analysis of must and wine in 1999. The OenoFoss analyser followed in 2008 to support the needs of small to mid size wine producers. Complementary developments include ready-to-use calibrations, intuitive software and networking facilities allowing experts to help manage instruments via the internet.

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