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Fast but safe chemical analysis in action at Analytica 2012, Munich, April 17-20th

This year’s Analytica trade fair will feature a ‘Live Lab’ fully equipped laboratory with live demonstrations each day.

FOSS will demonstrate automated Soxhlet and Kjeldahl solutions that help to improve daily laboratory operations with convenient and, above all, safe analytical options. The demonstrations (Hall B2) will feature the FOSS Soxtec™ 2055 and the Kjeltec™ 8200.

The Kjeltec series consists of three models: the 8100, 8200 and 8400 for simple and safe distillations. Automation technologies include a variable output steam generator, Intelligent cooling, Auto Distillation and patented SAfE technology - a reagent addition procedure which reduces the intensity of reactions.

The Soxtec series covers fat analysis in food and feed as well as soluble material in soil (eg. PCB, PAH), polymers, paper pulp and textiles. Typically five times faster than classic Soxhlet equipment, Soxtec provides rapid analysis with absolutely no loss in precision or accuracy. The fully automated Soxtec 2050 system performs the four extraction steps fully unattended. Just load and start.

FOSS Experts will also be on hand at booth A1 505.

Near infrared solutions for rapid routine food analysis.

A number of rapid solutions based on near infrared technology will be on show at the stand including the:

  • The FoodScan Pro - an easy-to-use instrument analyzing multiple quality parameters in dairy and meat products in 50 seconds
  • The NIRS DA 1650 – a robust, IP65 certified quality control tool for feed and flour analysis
  • NIRS DS 2500 – a sophisticated near infrared instrument offering ultimate performance and accuracy across a broad wavelength range of 400 to 2500 nm
  • MilkoScan FT 1 – a versatile dairy analyser  for testing the main product components in milk as well as screening for milk abnormalities - all at once.

Contact info

Press inquiries at the show: Sandra Pommerenck. +49 4101 517831,

René Fuhlendorff, market manager, laboratories, +45 4820 8642

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