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All about food and agri analysis: In Focus no.1 2012 out now

This edition of In Focus is bursting with content on how to make the most of ever-improving analytical technology in food and agriculture. Interviews with users cover the latest in milk testing for cheese production, efficient olive oil with NIR, rapid testing of sulphur dioxide in winemaking, NIR analysis of amino acids in feed and screening for an early warning of ketosis in dairy herds.

Four whitepaper articles explore technology subjects in more detail: Holistic production control with ProFoss, chemometrics and the application of principle component analysis on NIR spectra, new ISO standard for NIR analysis and the stability of the global ANN grain calibration for whole grain testing.

There is a report on our recent grain network meeting and a summary of rapid methods for measuring fat in meat, including a new video on the use of X-ray analysis for automatic batch control. A few product feature highlights complete the mix.

Find the magazine here.

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