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Historic wines benefit from real-time tests

The feudal appearance of Chateau Olivier provides a perfect symbol of the deep-rooted winemaking traditions in this historic Graves region of Bordeaux. But behind the turreted walls of the elegant Chateau, new technology is also playing an important role in improving the production of classic white and red vintages.

Winemaker Damien Bielle explains how a handy new analyser based on infrared analysis technology has helped to speed up the selection of grapes pre-pressing.

The analyser called OenoFoss measures key quality parameters such as pH, gluconic acid and such like within two minutes. “The OenoFoss has helped us to measure all batches more consistently while reducing the time involved,” said Bielle. “Control in real-time during the 2011 harvest allowed us to make both qualitative and quantitative gains through separation of the pressed juice based not only on tasting pH, but also on a total balance with the other parameters.”

The OenoFoss is also used to great effect in the production process where the rapid availability of multiple parameters promotes better decision making. Bielle said: “The malolactic fermentation and in particular the fermentation in barrels is improved by independent and rapid decision-making. The use of OenoFoss allows us direct access to great amounts of analysis data including multiple measurements and, in case of doubts, parameters such as volatile acid.”

The OenoFoss is a small, compact and easy to use instrument. It measures multiple components from grape must, fermentation liquids and finished wine from just a few drops of a sample.  More information can be found here  

More information about Château Olivier can be found here  

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