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New method to stop milk adulteration

The International Dairy Federation (IDF) has reported on a presentation given at the IDF/ISO analytical week in Tel Aviv, Israel about international collaborative efforts to detect milk adulteration.

The presentation was given by Dr. Holroyd during the midweek symposium on 6th June and described a cross-company initiative. The aim is to create infrared based methods that can detect fraudulent adulteration across the milk supply chain. The new approach enables dairy companies to screen milk for a range of known adulterants, but is also capable of indicating whether unknown adulterants might be present.

The system would allow detection at the earliest stages of the supply chain.

This presentation comes as a follow-up to the recent article on FTIR technology for routine milk screening published in the IDF Bulletin ‘Integrated Supply Chain Management’.

Dr. Jaap Evers, Chair of the IDF Methods Standards Steering Group, said:In contrast to existing technology, infrared methods will allow rapid screening of milk thus allowing a prompt response to safeguard consumer health. This initiative is a real step forward in the prevention of milk adulteration.”

The IDF/ISO Analytical Week also featured presentations on the Israeli dairy sector, workshops and a visit to the largest dairy farm in the center of Israel. Over 100 participants attended the event, joined by 120 local participants for the symposium, including representatives of the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture.

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