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Process analysis allows worlds’ first on-the-fly feed formulation for energy conversion

FOSS will be present at the World's Poultry Congress (WPC) at stand 232 -234 where a working demonstration of the ProFoss feed analyser will be on show.

The ProFoss™ uses near infrared (NIR) analytical technology to continuously test feed ingredients passing by on a conveyor. It measures multiple samples and quality parameters such as amino acids, moisture, protein and fat every few seconds.  Results are displayed on a computer screen to give operators a complete and live view of feed energy quality.

The FOSS team will be at the stand to discuss how the system can improve profit and conversion-rates and will also show how the versatile technology can be used to make an auto feed formulation on the fly. Because the ProFoss measures every few seconds, it allows users to ‘mix and match’ ingredients and adjust energy formulas according to the availability of raw material. In comparison, analysis with benchtop NIR analysers in a laboratory is also highly effective, but is more static because samples are taken manually and this is typically performed once an hour.   

The ability of feed producers to make immediate adjustments is particularly relevant in line with increasing volatility in the supply of feed ingredients. Even seemingly minor adjustments can lead to significantly increased yield and revenue through a better use of costly raw materials for animal feed and for maximizing the conversion-rate.

The Congress will be held at the Convention Center of the city of Salvador. Discussions will cover important aspects of the poultry and feed  value chain, from the most elementary fields, live production (management, nutrition, health, environment, and animal welfare) to processing technologies and presentation of the final product.

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