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FOSS partners with the UN, Danida, and other stakeholders to promote fight against poverty

FOSS is helping to promote the work of the UN Millennium Development project through an initiative called the 'World’s Best News'.

The UN Millennium Development goals are the world’s overall plan to eradicate poverty. And the plan is working: the overwhelming majority of developing countries will have halved their extreme poverty by 2015. This progress demonstrates that we are well on our way to eradicating poverty. To ensure continued support for this work, the United Nations, Danida (Danish International Development Agency), Aid organizations and businesses have joined forces to communicate progress against the development goals.

The aim of the initiative, The World’s Best News is to promote the good work that has been accomplished up until now.  As a business partner, FOSS will communicate this information to employees, customers and other stakeholders through our website and intranet portal over a six week period starting in mid-August.

“As a signatory to the UN Global Compact we are committed to engaging with stakeholders to advance the Compact’s ten principles as well as broader objectives such as the Millennium Development Goals”, says Tue Byskov Bøtkjær, Senior Vice President HR, IT & Communications.  “There is also a link between the Millennium Development Goals and the products that we develop. With a growing population and concerns about food security, we feel that our analytical instruments can be part of the solution. For example, our instruments help food manufacturing companies utilise raw materials more efficiently; ensure high quality and food safety; and reduce food waste and energy consumption.”


End Poverty and Hunger

Universal Education

Gender Equality

Child Health

Maternal Health


Environmental Sustainability

Global Partnership


 For more information about the Millennium Development goals click here (

For more information on The World’s Best News/Verdens Bedste Nyheder


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