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New finished wine measurements available for OenoFoss

Extra parameters improve pre-bottling checks and control of malolactic fermentation

Glucose, fructose and lactic acid measurements are now available for the OenoFoss wine analyser.

The lactic acid option will give OenoFoss users a more complete picture of the conversion of malic to lactic acid which gives an indication of how malolactic fermentation is progressing according to the goals of the winemaker in terms of quality and style.  The ability to measure glucose and fructose will help OenoFoss users to check if fermentation is complete or if there is any danger of fermentation restarting after bottling.

The new measurement options complement the existing OenoFoss range of parameters such as malic acid, volatile acid, pH and many more.

Wine industry manager, Morten Olander said:  “We have over 500OenoFoss users around the world and it is great to be able to offer these additional finished wine options to users who want extra information at the crucial finished wine stage.”

The new parameters can be purchased as a finished wine package for the OenoFoss.

More information about the easy-to-use OenoFoss analyser can be found here .

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