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All about food and agri analysis: In Focus no.2 2012 out now

There is something for everyone in this edition. An interview with a major meat supplier in the UK explains rapid analysis has become essential for required high levels of quality. A petfood producer in The Netherlands describes how the latest in NIR analysis has improved production control and we follow up on this theme with a summary of the steps in NIR analysis that have been made recently.  

A wine producer also shares views on the use of FTIR analysis and an interview with an expert in process analysis gives an insight into how this increasingly popular technology can be put into practice. This is complemented by a case story from a process analysis user in the dairy industry.

The successful ketosis-screening story from the milk testing sector continues with an overview of practical use in the field and considerations for users. And to catch-up with fat analysis in the laboratory, we have an overview of trends, analytical options and developments with standards.

Finally, our 'calibration corner' theme has a new paper on how we can prove the stability of high-performance ANN calibrations.

Hope you enjoy this edition, please find it here .


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