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Process analysis takes the stage at IPPE Atlanta

The ProFoss for feed solution, created excitement at this year’s IPPE show in Atlanta,  drawing a lot of attention from broiler integrators and feed producers in the poultry, feed and meat industry from all over the world.

The ProFoss demonstration showed corn running through the pipe. Corn was analysed instantly, with continuous readings of quality variation in parameters such as fat, moisture, fiber, starch and protein directly displayed on a screen.

FOSS feed market manager Laura Locatelli said: “Spectators without a technical understanding of NIR technology were able to see in practice the principles behind the technology. Seeing the corn actually flowing through the window where it is penetrated by near infra red light directly in the pipe, was an eye opener to many spectators who were suddenly able to visualize the benefits of in-line NIR analysis in an actual feed plant.”

Overall, the ProFoss for feed solution attracted a lot of interested spectators from many different representatives of the agricultural industry, including engineers, feed producers, plant breeders and suppliers. And demonstrations by FOSS specialists were very well received and appreciated, as was the opportunity to ask questions, exchange new ideas and discuss issues in further detail. 

FOSS contacts

Feed Market Manager, Laura Locatelli,, +45 4820 8810

International Press Contact, Richard Mills,, +45 4820 8583

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