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Real-time grain analysis demonstrated at GEAPS

The ProFoss whole grain solution demonstrated at GEAPS, The Grain Elevator and Processing Society ‘Expo 13’ held in Kentucky, February 23-26, drew a lot of interest from Expo attendees. Of particular interest was the ability to detect real-time protein changes in wheat and other grains. The ProFoss demo unit was shown analyzing a blend of high and low protein wheat. Blend rates were adjusted manually to simulate blending to a specification, displaying real time fluctuations to the quality of moving grain.


profoss demo picture
The demo unit demonstrates how the window reflection interface is installed directly into the wall of the pipe/transport system.
Profoss demo picture

  Blending of high and low protein wheat is simulated by manually feeding wheat grains from two separate pipes into the main pipe.
 Real-time grain analysis
  Measurements are done directly on the moving sample in the process stream. A high-intensity dual-lamp light source illuminates the sample directly. The light interacts with the sample and the reflected light is measured by the diode array sensor.

The samples running through the pipe, were analysed instantly, with continuous readings displaying quality variation in wheat parameters such as protein, moisture & oil (when applicable) directly on a screen, giving spectators a visual understanding of the benefits of near infrared (NIR) analysis.

About ProFoss:
Using NIR technology, the ProFoss measures moisture and protein in-line in entire batches of whole grain as they arrive at the flour mill. The measurements are made every few seconds and this continuous flow of information helps millers to fine-tune their processes for improved yield and considerable cost savings. Launched last year and now in use in major grain markets around the world, the ProFoss whole grain system helps to reduce variability and wastage in the milling process.

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