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What dairy producers can learn from the pharmaceutical industry

FOSS Dairy conference, 22nd -23rd April, FOSS Innovation Centre, Denmark

FOSS is hosting a two-day conference for the dairy industry with a focus on the use of process analysis technologies (PAT) and how strategies employed in the pharmaceutical industry for many years could benefit today’s  dairy industry.

The two day event will include presentations at the new FOSS innovation centre and a visit to a nearby Novo Nordisk production facility giving delegates a unique update on automated production and quality control procedures used across both the food and pharmaceutical industries.


Monday 22nd April

  • Welcome address at the new FOSS Innovation Centre by FOSS Chairman, Peter Foss
  • Challenges in modern dairying and high quality in raw material supply, by Jais Valeur, Executive Vice President, Arla Foods
  • Milk adulteration and how to secure safe raw milk
  • FTIR-NIR the right technology for the right dairy application
  • The Milky Way to Advanced Process Control
  • The use of in-line infrared solutions to monitor the Dairy process
  • How to make quality dairy products with the lowest production cost as well reducing reworks

Tuesday 23rd April   

Presentation from Novo Nordisk on the theme of the product value chain: ‘Automation in production - Vision versus reality’.  A tour of Novo Nordisk’s production facilities and QC laboratory will give further insight into the Novo Nordisk analysis programme, including the measurement points throughout the product value chain and how the results  are used for corrective actions or future prediction.

More information and registration

FOSS covers all conference fees, including coffee breaks, lunches and a dinner event Monday evening. FOSS will also provide transport between Copenhagen and the conference at FOSS Innovation Centre in Hillerød. Delegates pay their own travel expenses and hotel costs. FOSS can arrange special conference rates.

For more information about attending the conference please contact your local FOSS representative:

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