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Try the iphone fat-analysis app at IFFA

Meet FOSS at stand B49, Hall 9.1, 4th-9th May

FOSS has developed a fun iPhone app for iPhone 4s models to draw attention to the complete range of FOSS meat analysis solutions on show at IFFA hall 9.1, stand B49.

The app tests the fat content of ground beef using the camera on the iPhone 4s. It can be downloaded by scanning the QR code on FOSS posters at the show and tried out on ground beef samples at the FOSS stand.

FOSS meat market manager Poul Erik Simonsen said: “We have made this app as a fun way of drawing attention to the many possibilities now available within meat analysis and does actually work to within around 3% fat content. Visitors should of course see our full range of solutions at the stand.”

Complete range of meat analysis solutions

FOSS will show a range of solutions for all aspects of meat production.

The big news will be the release of a new second-generation X-ray analyser that makes it easier than ever for meat producers to measure the fat content of entire batches of meat and at the same time check for foreign objects.

Other news includes a new ProFoss inline NIR solution for continuous measurement of mechanically deboned poultry meat.

The popular FoodScan and MeatScan benchtop solutions for rapid analysis of fat and other parameters in the laboratory or close to the production line will also be on show.

Automating chemical analysis

For chemical analysis of fat, a new way of automating total fat analysis with the Soxhlet method will be shown in the form of the recently released Soxtec™ 8000 system. 

Consisting of an extraction unit, a hydrolysis unit and a single Hydrocap filter that is common to both units, the Soxtec™ 8000 allows hydrolysis and Soxhlet analysis to be performed in one integrated laboratory process.  The unique filter system that goes all the way through hydrolysis to final extraction allows users to avoid filter to filter transfer. This saves time and labour and avoids the risk of human error and associated costs.

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Contacts at the show

FOSS meat market manager Poul Erik Simonsen,, +45 2320 7440

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