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Nils Foss


Congratulations to Nils Foss on his 85th Birthday

In 1956 Nils Foss founded FOSS, at that time called N. Foss Electric A/S. And now many years later we have come a long way, from the time where all employees still could be in one meeting room, till now where we are over 1200 employees globally and had the best result ever in FOSS history last year.

Nils’ business plan was to automate otherwise time-consuming analytical methods by offering a fast and cost efficient method of analysis – a principle we still live by today known by all of us as Dedicated Analytical Solutions. The first instruments were developed to test moisture in grain. Now FOSS is the world’s leading producer of innovative analytical instruments for global food and agriculture sectors and provides solutions to the world’s 100 largest food companies. We have truly come a long way.

Many years ago Nils ended his active career in FOSS being Chairman of the Board but it’s very pleasing – and sometimes quite challenging - to meet Nils on his regular visits to the offices in Hillerød. Nils’ physical conditions may not be as strong as earlier but we all know that his mind and remarks are sharp as a razor knife. His keen interest in product innovation is legendary and although Nils may not be presents in all corners of the global FOSS anymore he will always be influential in our daily work and interaction with our customers not at least through our strong values.

Congratulations to Nils on his big day.

Torben Ladegaard, CEO FOSS

Nils Foss

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