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The FOSS Supplier Code of Conduct

At FOSS we work hard to address the environmental, social and ethical issues that are of concern to our stakeholders and our business. We have established CSR policies for all employees and recently published our first CSR report detailing our performance and efforts in the social, environmental and ethics areas. We are also signatories of the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest sustainability initiative and work actively to promote the Compact in our sphere of influence.

As a company with a global presence we are committed to promoting sustainable business practices not only in our own operations, but also in our supply chain. We recently developed a Supplier Code of Conduct for all FOSS suppliers, which is in line with our own policies and sets out our expectations and requirements. In addition to the development of the Code of Conduct, we are also integrating CSR issues into our contractual agreements and day-to-day procurement operations.

FOSS believes that responsible procurement is essential to the way we conduct business and provides benefits not only to ourselves, but also to our suppliers and society at large. We will continue collaborating and working with suppliers who share our belief in acting responsibly.

Click here to learn more about FOSS CSR policies and view the FOSS Supplier Code of Conduct

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