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ProFoss™ attracts attention at IPPE Atlanta

At this year’s IPPE show in Atlanta, FOSS demonstrated The ProFoss for feed solution, which attracted a lot of interest from spectators – from broiler integrators to feed producers in the poultry, feed and meat industry from all over the world.

The officially sponsored media Engormix recorded a video of the ProFoss demonstration. The video shows Process Sales Manager, Jeff Boedigheimer demonstrating the ProFoss in-line analyser performing rapid analysis of feed ingredients. The demonstration shows whole corn running through the pipe, with measurements being made every 20-30 seconds and continuous readings of quality variation in parameters such as fat, moisture, fiber, starch and protein displayed directly on a screen.  

Watch the video from Engormix here.

Spanish version also available here with demonstration by Market Manager, Laura Locatelli.


The IPPE Expo was held in Atlanta, USA, from 29 January to 31 January, and had more than 25,000 attendees and 1,000 exhibitors. This year’s show was larger than other years as it covered Poultry, Feed and Meat.


FOSS contacts

Feed Market Manager, Laura Locatelli,, +45 4820 8810

International Press Contact, Richard Mills,, +45 4820 8583

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