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Over 100 WineScan SO<sub>2</sub> sold

More than 100 units of the FOSS WineScan SO2 have been purchased by wine producers from all over the world. Since its introduction in 1999 WineScan has revolutionized rapid routine wine analysis for winemakers and laboratories providing fast and accurate analysis of over 30 critical quality control parameters. Since 2011, the new and improved WineScan SO2 offers an additional rapid, integrated measurement of free and total sulphur dioxide analysis.

Industry recognition

Patricia Benitez from Dominio de Pingus in Spain, explains how WineScan SO2 has helped to deliver fast analysis results for key parameters of multiple samples: “It’s a very repetitive instrument so it’s an advantage for us because it allows us to analyze a lot more samples,” she said. Due to the repetitive and solid data that WineScan SO2 provides, Dominio de Pingus was granted ENAC Certification, which is a Spanish accreditation certificate. When asked if she would recommend WineScan SO2 to other companies, Patricia explained the positive aspects of having more analysis data available: “Without a doubt, because it gives you an easy way of working, fast and of course knowing what we have between our hands and about the technical functionalities and working with it to see the differences - a thing that gives you some security.”

More samples in less time

Juncal Gonzalez, Laboratory Manager at Agricola Castellana, also expressed satisfaction with WineScan SO2. He explained how the biggest advantages are speed of analysis and the quantity of parameters that it gives: “It gives you a lot of information,” he said. “Before we spent a lot of time doing the same that it can do a lot faster. With the rhythm that we work, this is required. The WineScan ensures that you have feasible results within minutes.”

FOSS wine market manager Morten Olander said: “100 WineScan SO2 instruments sold in less than two years, signifies a clear confirmation of the value that this innovative solution brings to wine producers and subsequently its popularity in the wine business."

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Winescan wine analyser

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