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FOSS conference explains new milk-testing opportunities

The FOSS central milk testing conference was held at the new FOSS innovation centre in Hillerød Denmark on 28th – 29th May.

Over 120 delegates from 32 countries were given an overview of key developments in analytical technology including testing raw milk for an early warning of Ketosis in dairy herds, profiling saturated fat content and the advantages of controlling multiple instruments via a network.


See this video for a snapshot of the event and keep an eye on this news area or our twitter feed for interviews on the subject of testing for ketosis and fatty acid profiling.


The two day event was well received by participants as a good opportunity to catch-up with latest advances in analytical technology and how it can improve the supply of quality raw milk.

Watch the video


Conference highlights included

  • Innovations in analysis – past, present and future
  • Screening for Ketosis in the dairy herd
  • Saturated fats profiling of milk from individual cows, sheep or goats
  • Managing multiple analytical instruments with the internet High-throughput milk testing
  • Standardization - the FOSS patented concept.

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